About EOJ

The Best is Yet to Come!

Welcome to Eve Of Joy! So glad you're here!

Hello! I'm Kelly... momma of three daughters, small business owner, DIY girl, craft junkie, recycler and upcycler.... I wear lots of hats and lots of hats wear me! Hope you find something here which brings you JOY!

... About Eve Of Joy...I have always loved the creation process from beginning idea to finished piece. To see something in your mind and make it real, to hold it and share it with others, is truly something I cherish and appreciate. Each item found in my shop is a part of myself and personal to me. Each piece I create, is something I would love to have and would be thrilled to receive as a gift! 

I am so proud of what Eve Of Joy has become. I began Eve Of Joy in early 2013 with three daughters under the age of two (twin mama!). It soon became my "me time" and quickly became a passion and true love. EOJ grew, as have my daughters, who just recently started kindergarten and the twins are in second grade! I am truly blessed on every level. I strive to provide the best quality and experience to my etsy customers while being an example to my daughters of what a strong, dedicated, hardworking, Mom Boss who is capable of achieving anything! I hope to one day help them achieve their dreams, as I have been so fortunate to have found mine... 

I'm often asked how my shop name came about... Eve Of Joy: My daughters are my greatest gifts, my biggest accomplishment, the most amazing thing I've ever done, my heart on the outside. Evelyn, Olivia, and Juliet. E.O.J. = Eve Of Joy... they are my joy and even though everyday is the best, I know the best is yet to come... each night is the eve of the next joyful day.

Live as though .... "the best is yet to come" - Carolyn Leigh

Eve Of Joy is currently based out of Madison, WI.